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Facials & Skin Care

Bend Skin Company Signature Facial

Cost Time
$110.00 90 min Add to Appointment

This deep pore cleansing and restorative facial is one of the most complete and personalized and rehydrating treatments that you will ever experience. Our Signature Facial is full of anti-inflammatory botanicals that will leave your skin feeling both rebalanced and dewy. With highly therapeutic revitalizing values, this sumptuous facial is based on YonKa’s unique “5 Progressive Purifying Steps” and designed for the most demanding and fragile complexions. Choose a hand/arm or foot/leg massage while your skin is rejuvenated with a nourishing facial mask.

Fountain of Youth

Cost Time
$130.00 95 min Add to Appointment

Spectacular anti-aging treatment for hormonally challenged skin and clients aged 45-70. The combination of subdermal lifting, lymphatic drainage, targeted wrinkle reduction and strengthening of facial contours produces incredible results. YonKa’s Excellence & Cellular Code products are used to reduce wrinkle depth by 25% and increased lifting effect by 80%. The treatment is enhanced by the cell-energy anti-aging mask.

Product Recommendations:
YonKa Excellence Code Series (Serum, Crème, Contours and Masque)

Anti-Acne Facial

Cost Time
$90.00 75 min Add to Appointment

A therapeutic and balanced approach to treating teen and adult acne. Deep pore cleansing, healthy exfoliation, gentle extractions and purifying mask will leave the skin looking and feeling healthy. Best results are achieved in a series of treatments. Home care is an essential component to lasting success. 


Cost Time
$65.00 60 min Add to Appointment

Dermaplaning is the process of running a scalple over the facial skin, almost like shaving, but much more. Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliting the skin, removing the top layer of dull and dead skin cells, as well as some 'peach fuzz'. 

Express Facial

Cost Time
$45 45 min Add to Appointment

Relax and refresh! This facial will fit into anyone's schedule and budget! Your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and a soothing mask is applied. Give yourself a 30 minute break from life and give your skin a much needed boost at the same time!

Facial Treatment Add-Ons


Cost Time
$65.00 30 min Add to Appointment

Minimally invasive skin rejuvination technic that uses a roller ball with micro needles attached to it. These needles help the creating of elastin and colegin.

AHA/BHA/Glycolic Peels

Cost Time
$35.00 30 min Add to Appointment

Add a deeper exfoliation to any facial with these light peels. Regenerate the epidermis and intensify cellular renewal. An effective, easy way to boost your skin’s radiance.

Eclat Contour

Cost Time
$30.00 30 min Add to Appointment

Rejuvenating eye treatment is the “fountain of youth” for tired & puffy eyes or eye contours showing crow’s feet or expression lines. YonKa’s premiers Phyto-Contour is sonically infused into the eye tissue for outstanding results. Alleviates sinus pain and relieves symptoms of allergy distress.

Rehydration Scrubs

Cost Time
$45.00 45 min Add to Appointment

Unique treatment for the hand/arm or foot leg. Emphasizes healing, restoration and revitalizing. Reawakens tired muscles and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and rehydrated through exfoliation and deep hydration blended with gentle & relaxing massage.


Cost Time
$40 15 min Add to Appointment

Microdermabrasion as an add-on to a regular facial treatment.